Ducky Kayak Rentals

Rent a Ducky Kayak for Your Own Verde River Adventure


Your River Trip is about can be a 3 miles or 10 miles and can take anywhere from 2 to 7 hours depending on what river access point you start, river conditions, and whether you stop for a picnic or to take a nap. We have single duckies and tandems as well as small rafts to choose from.

Single Ducky Kayak Full Day: 40.00
Tandem Ducky Kayak Full Day: 60.00
Single Ducky Kayak 1/2 Day: 20.00
Tandem Ducky Kayak 1/2 Day: 30.00
Rental includes paddle & PFD.
Maps are available at Verde River Greenway and are highly recommended for safe travel.

Shuttle Services:

Beasley Flats to Clear Creek:
Price: $10.00 per person (2 person minimum)
Beasley Flats to White Bridge
Price: $15.00 pp (2 person minimum)
Tuzigoot to TAPCO
Price: $ 10.00 pp (2 person minimum)
Beasley Flats to Childs:
1 Vehicle – $150.00
2 Vehicles – $135.00 each
3 Vehicles – $ 120.00 each
Beasley Flats to Horseshoe Reservior:
1 Vehicle – $250.00
2 Vehicles – $230.00 each
3 Vehicles – $ 210.00 each
Childs to Horseshoe Reservior:
1 Vehicle – $325.00
2 Vehicles – $300.00 each
3 Vehicles – $ 270.00 each

Rent a Ducky Kayak on the Verde River, Arizona


Reservations are required 

Please review our payment, cancellation, and other policies here.

or call 877.673.3661.


  • Your driver’s license is your security deposit for the Ducky Kayak and will be returned to you at the completion of your rental.
  • There is a $25.00 cleaning fee per boat if returned dirty


Custom Rental and Shuttle Services

We can provide boat and gear rentals and shuttle service to other spots further down the Verde River (Child’s and Horseshoe Reservoir), The Salt River, and the San Juan in southern Utah. Please contact the Verde River Adventure Center for rates and availability.