Enjoy a Guided Verde River Trip

with Sedona Adventure Tours 

Boating in the desert? What Fun!

Cruising down the Verde River in a “Ducky Kayak” is a blast! Our inflatable “Ducky Kayaks” are comfortable, unbelievably stable, easy to paddle and just plain fun for everyone. No experience necessary!

Kayaking on the Verde River with Sedona Adventure ToursChoose from 5 different variations on our exciting guided trips down the Verde River, the only ‘Wild and Scenic River’ in Arizona, offered by the only company permitted to take you down the beautiful Verde River.

The Verde River @ Clarkdale Trip

 A 3 hour guided tour down the Verde River in our Ducky Kayaks.

The Classic Water to Wine Tour 

Paddle down the Verde River to the Alcantara Vineyards for wine tasting at a Tuscan farmhouse.

The Grand Water to Wine Tour 

This is a 6 hour experience that begins with guided tour down the Verde River and ends with wine tasting in Old Town Cottonwood. You’ll be in the middle of the Verde River Valley’s wine country with plenty more tasting and exploring to do.

Paddle to Pints 

This trip combines a Verde River trip with a lunch, a cold frosty brew or refreshing glass of wine at Rendezvous in Old Town Cottonwood.

Saddle to Paddle

Enjoy horseback riding at Sedona’s famous M Diamond Ranch and a 2.5 hour guided trip down the Verde River.

Check out the trip details and see what “floats your boat”, then call us or make your reservation online.