Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery

Let’s be honest, when you hear the name Cornville you don’t automatically think of wine or Arizona. Sounds more like middle of nowhere Indiana where people get their corn from a jar. So it may surprise you to learn that Cornville Arizona which is a quant bedroom community by Sedona and Cottonwood is home to a family operated, premium boutique winery with international award winning wines.

javalina_leapJavelina Leap Vineyard and Winery is situated along Oak Creek which flows into the Verde River. A 10 ¼ acre estate, Javelina Leap is 3,800 feet above sea level. If you were not aware, when you add the elevation and well-draining soils of Javelina Leap with the hot days and cooler nights of Northern Arizona you get a really amazing environment for growing grapes.

Take a tour of the whole estate and see the vineyards located on the steep slopes of an extinct volcanic mountain, overlooking the lush greenbelt of Oak Creek. You will also see native plants mixed in with the vines and don’t forget to bring your binoculars. The State Fish Hatchery is right across the street as well as a bird sanctuary. I didn’t realize it but lower Oak Creek has been designated an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society. So birders take note.

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Illuminate Film Festival

The dictionary defines Illuminate the following ways:

  • To supply or brighten with light; light up.
  • To make lucid or clear; throw light on (a subject).
  • To decorate with lights, as in celebration.
  • To enlighten, as with knowledge.

The Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona accomplishes all of this. Starting Wednesday, May 27, 2015 and continuing through Sunday, May 31st, the Festival will be showing films to help people on their journey toward happiness, freedom, abundance and peaceful coexistence. So much better than the violence portrayed in more mainstream movies.

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Verde River Trip @ Camp Verde for Two Contest

Attention all adventure seekers: Have you ever wanted to take a kayak and cruise down the Verde River but funds have been too tight? Now is your chance! Now through June 7th Verde Adventures is giving away a Verde River Trip at Camp Verde for two! That’s right, I said GIVING AWAY.


All you have to do is like our Facebook page and you will be entered in the contest to win this amazing prize! Just go to our Verde Adventures website, locate the contest entry form at the top of the page, click the Facebook Like button, enter your name and email address, and you are entered for a chance to win two tickets for the ultimate in river adventure tours. This Verde River Trip lasts in total about 3 hours which includes 2-2 ½ hours on the river itself. That is enough time to cover five, count them, FIVE miles of water.

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Alcantara Vineyards

MG_5945-300x172If you have been keeping up with our blogs, then you know Verde Adventures offers a Water to Wine Tour down the Verde River. If you have not been keeping up with our blogs, then, let us have the pleasure of informing you that Verde Adventures offers a Water to Wine Tour down the Verde River. Included in this tour is a stop at a very special winery.

This winery is the Alcantara Vineyard. Whether you find this winery through our Water to Wine Tour or decide to partake of its beauty on your own, the Alcantara Vineyard is not to be missed by anyone wanting to see the best and brightest of the Verde River Valley.

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Vineyards Tour

Wine-Tasting-ToursDo you consider yourself a wine lover? Is your idea of a perfect day having someone drive you to all of the best wineries and vineyards in the Verde River Valley? If this is the case or if you have always wanted to explore the vineyards around the Sedona/Cottonwood area but never took that first step, then it is time to leap.

The Verde Valley is home to several wineries that produce some of the most skillfully crafted wines in the country. All are nestled in the heart of Northern Arizona among the red rocks; the wineries on the Verde Valley Wine Trail are not to be missed.

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Page Springs Cellars

page_springs_cellarsAre you looking for the ultimate Arizona Wine Country experience? If so, look no further than Page Spring Cellars. They are not only by far one of the best places to explore Arizona Wine Country, the activities and amenities they offer are like nothing else in the area. They actually offer yoga and massage right there on site! Page Springs may sound like something to do with books and you may expect to find a library but what you will find is one of the Verde Valley’s best groups of vineyards under one company.

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Water to Wine Tour

alcantara4Are you a wine connoisseur who also is looking for a new way to incorporate your love of wine into something new and exciting? Are you a river rafting junkie who wants to learn about wine? Or are you somewhere in between? If so, consider taking the Verde Adventures Water to Wine Tour.

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Boating in the Desert? What Fun!

tubetrainIf you are like most people when you think of the desert you think of hot, dry weather, lack of water and cacti. But guess what? There is a whole other side to the desert that many people do not know about. Nestled in the heart of desert country is the Verde River. It runs for 170 miles and comes right through the Sedona-Cottonwood area. The river is running full after a particularly wet winter and this makes for great boating. That’s right I said boating. In the desert.

Imagine warm weather even in March! Weather that makes it perfect for boating, rafting and kayaking. Get out there in a Ducky Kayak offered by Verde Adventures and Sedona Adventure Tours and see the Verde Valley up close and personal. No need to sit on the sidelines when you can gave a great time by yourself or as a group boating in the desert.

DSCF9669Looking for high adventure or family fun? Verde Adventure and Sedona Adventure Tours offers something for everyone, including guided tours and plenty of instruction so you can ride your Ducky Kayak down the Verde River then take in all the attractions Sedona and Cottonwood have to offer off the water.

Most people are not aware of it, many certainly don’t even think about it but boating down the Verde River is a vacation alternative that will give you that high energy experience you are seeking and leave you with wonderful memories to reflect on after you pull that raft out of the water and are sitting at an outdoor café in Cottonwood or Sedona sipping a great beer or glass of wine.

Boating is not just for lakes and oceans. The Verde River offers a great ride with white water, picturesque nature scenes and plenty of sunshine. Slap on some sunscreen and schedule a Verde Adventure or Sedona Adventure Tour for yourself and your friends and family for an unforgettable vacation that beats the run of the mill tourist traps.

Think of the Styx song “Boat on the River” and let someone take you on down. For those of you too young to know who Styx is, download their songs into your iPod and you can listen during your boat trip. You will be glad you did both.

PIC_1312Boating on the river is for everyone because everyone can float down the river in the way that suits them best. In a boat, a Ducky Kayak, or a raft-they all offer an incredible experience to have a thrill or just relax and view the scenery.

After you drop anchor you can take in all the sights and sounds of the Verde Valley area. Be sure to check out the local dining and shopping and you don’t want to miss Red Rock State Park where you can see some of nature’s most beautiful geologic creations.

High adventure by day as you raft the running water and relaxation by night. Or if you prefer relaxation by day as you ride in a boat with someone else doing the heavy lifting and high adventure by night with all the local night life. You are only limited by your imagination.

Be sure to like our Facebook page so you can stay updated on all the latest Verde Adventures and Sedona Adventure Tours information.

Verde Adventures and Sedona Adventure Tours are located at 1034 North Main Street in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona and are open year round – 10 am to 6 pm. You can call them at 877-673-3661 or email them at info@verdeadventures.com.

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Family Fun Spring Break 2015

Is your family looking for a fun and adventurous spring break? Do you want to do something different than Disney? Are you concerned the spring breakers at the beach will contribute to an atmosphere that is not family friendly? Look no further than the Verde River Valley. A family friendly area located in the Sedona-Cottonwood area of Arizona.

With fantastic day temperatures in the 70-80’s and the great winter storms that bring a nice run off for the Verde River you have sunny days and sporty water. Yes, there are multiple opportunities for great family fun for spring break in the Verde River Valley. If you are like most families you are ready for the perfect remedy for the cabin fever that you have been experiencing all winter long.

Take a Ducky Kayak or rafting trip down the river. Shoot the rapids with guides who will help you get the most of your Verde River adventure. Whether you are 3, 73 or any age in between the river is calling and is sure to provide hours of family entertainment during what will be a spring break filled with fun, sun, water and lifelong memories.

If your kids will be off to college soon there may not be many more years to take family fun spring break vacations together. Make the most of these years and do something that will really connect your family and you will all remember for years to come. No long lines that will only result in a three minute ride. No overcrowded beaches. Just your group and a guide floating down the Verde River where the water is running thanks to the wet winter. What a perfect way to welcome spring and have a break from work and school stresses at the same time.

Need more convincing? Check out this video of others having great family fun as they cruise down the river.

After your river trip don’t forget to explore Sedona and Cottonwood as they are full of wonderful attractions, dining, festivals and live music. Be sure to hike in the Red Rocks so you can see as a family one of the incredible wonders of nature. You will have endless sunny days to roam the quaint shopping districts and have coffee at an outdoor café. Who doesn’t want to do that after being snowbound for what seemed like an endless winter!

We all have a choice about where to vacation. There is a reason why people come from all over to experience the sporty water of the Verde River. Whether it is the thrill of kayaking through the run off or the desire to see all that nature bestows on the Verde River Valley once people experience it, they want to come back. Right now there is no better time to plan your family fun spring break trip and book a Verde Adventures Tour. Cure that cabin fever by getting the family out the Verde River and sail into spring.

Verde Adventures and Sedona Adventure Tours are located at 1034 North Main Street in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona and are open year round – 10 am to 6 pm. You can call them at 877-673-3661 or email them at info@verdeadventures.com.

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Spring Has Sprung on the Verde River

Water-to-WineSpring is finally upon us and with it comes spring fever and the overwhelming desire to get out of the house and have an adventure. Whether you are looking for something to do for Spring Break with your family or college friends, or planning a vacation for spring or summer, consider the Sedona-Cottonwood, Arizona area for an adventure on the Verde River.

Verde Adventures and Sedona Adventure Tours offers an amazing experience filled with family fun. Nestled in the Verde Valley in Arizona is the Verde River, which after a wet winter is running full. That makes it a delight for those seeking high adventure through the Ducky Kayaks that Verde Adventures offers.

Why sit still on a beach when you can kayak or raft down the Verde River? Imagine the white water coming up to meet you in beautiful Sedona, Arizona where the weather is warm even in March. Enjoy the perfect weather for outdoor activities, dining and just relaxing and enjoying nature. While many are still snowed in and feeling like spring will never arrive, join those of us who know it is already here where the river runs wild and the sunshine warms your soul.

DSCF9669The Verde River is about 170 miles long and begins below the dam at Sullivan Lake. The Verde flows through private, state, tribal and United States Forest Service lands and is surrounded by exquisite flora and trees including walnut, sycamore and box elders. During a Sedona Adventure Tour you will see all this and more including otters, Great Blue Herons, Beavers, mud turtles and leopard frogs. The town of Cottonwood is one of the main population centers along the river and in case you don’t know it, the Sedona-Cottonwood-Camp Verde area of Arizona is one of this country’s hidden gems.

There are so many fun and interesting things to do that taking a Verde Adventures or Sedona Adventure Tour is only a part of the adventure that awaits you. Explore the beautiful red rocks at Red Rock State Park by hiking, take in the Pecan and Wine Festival or just relax and let the healing energy of Sedona wash over you as you listen to outdoor music after an exciting day spent having a Verde Adventure or going down a zip line.

Looking to just chill out and relax? Sedona boasts many spas that are just the ticket for someone looking to de-stress at one of the most beautiful and healing parts of the country.

Let’s face it, for many people in the United States and abroad it has been a long, cold, lonely winter! Most of us are ready to cast off the snow chains and get out and enjoy the sunshine. There is no better way to get out there in the beautiful Arizona weather than taking in the sights, sounds and adventures of Sedona and Cottonwood with Verde Adventures and Sedona Adventure Tours. Other vacation destinations simply pale by comparison.

Verde Adventures and Sedona Adventure Tours are located at 1034 North Main Street in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona and are open year round – 10 am to 6 pm. You can call them at 877-673-3661 or email them at info@verdeadventures.com.